Joy in Snow

Yes, I said Joy in Snow. I don't mean watching little "snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes." I mean snow. Snow that dumps in piles and on sidewalks and driveways and streets and icy winds that cut through my heaviest coats. Snow.

It's not just that I intensely dislike cold weather. Snow is scary when I have to drive somewhere and the road is slick and I can't see well (partly because I refuse to take the time to clear off my car). Snow is tedious when I have to put on shoes just to take the garbage out. Snow is a pain when I spend an hour shoveling it only to look out the window the next morning to see no evidence of aforesaid shoveling.

There are chores, situations, relationships, etc., that seem tedious and overwhelming. No matter how much snow I shovel, or laundry I launder, or dishes I clean, or worksheets I copy, or blogs I write... there's always more to be done. I get frustrated because I have so many new and creative things I want to try, and I have to get all this humdrum stuff done first.

That's life, right? Life is being responsible and taking care of things and people (not necessarily in that order). But what does that have to do with the "abundant life" that Jesus promises (John 10:10)?

I think it's in the snowflakes. In taking time to see the unique beauty of each one. In finding purpose in the everyday chores that lead to a happier, healthier home. In living in the now- enjoying the burn of a workout, the scent of green apple shampoo, the taste of a salted caramel mocha, the company of a good friend. Life in Christ is already full to overflowing, but we have to take the time to see it and recognize it. Even behind the snow drifts of life.


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