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Like a Wad of Wire

For Christmas, my mom received a beautiful copper sculpture of a butterfly from their exchange student. When asked, Linh said she just formed the copper wire into a butterfly.

Artistic talent like that amazes me (and makes me a little jealous). If you gave me a bunch of copper wire, I might be able to make a two-dimensional flower. Maybe. So, if I wanted something beautiful created, and all I had was a ball of copper wire (do they come in balls?), I would hand it over to my foster sister and ask her to create it. I simply do not have the ability.

I'm seeing that my life is a lot like a tangled mess of copper wire. I don't know what to do with it, or how to form something useful or beautiful out of it. So I've decided that I need to hand it over to the Master Creator, and let him create something amazing out of it. If something wonderful results from my life, it will only be because I was willing to submit to Him.  If I keep trying to make it on my own, I'm sure it'…