Back to Life

I just returned from a fantastic weekend getaway. Luxury hotel, deluxe shopping mall within walking distance, and beautiful weather. Lots of rest and relaxation with a break from "momdom."

Monday morning it was back to the real world- to an annoying alarm at 6:00 AM, to children who would rather stay in bed than get ready for school, and a fresh load of laundry. Back to "life," right?

Actually, having some time to do some fun things with my husband really did bring me back to life. I wore nice clothes and makeup and went out with other adults. I had time to think about my values and priorities, count my blessings, and plan for the upcoming Christmas/ birthday/ travel season.

I've been "spelunking" for the past few months- a euphemism for dealing with depression. Sometimes I explore the caves; sometimes I seek out the light. Now I think I'm ready to explore some trails and mountains instead- and ready to start some new adventures. Look out world!


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