Sorting it all out

I finally did it.  It took two mornings before work, but I finally organized my bathroom.
That may seem a little OCD, but not for our house.  I took the bath toy out from behind the bath salts (my kids shower now), and put the tylenol and antacids in the medicine cabinet with the dozen stray band-aids I located.  I separated my makeup items from my daughter's lip gloss and hair bands.  I put the crazy number of hotel shampoos, conditioners, and lotions into one container for future road trips.  And I finally found my favorite pair of tweezers and my eye pencil sharpener!  My daughter will be glad that I don't borrow her pencil sharpener any more.

I can't believe it took me just a few hours to accomplish this task.  When I think of all the times I've gone crazy searching for a hairband or deodorant, or a band-aid... It is so nice to go in the bathroom and know where to find what I need!

As I grow up, I'm starting to rebel less against all that is neat and orderly.  If you talked to my parents, you would know what I mean.  I kept a bedroom you had to wade through. 

Now, keeping my keys on one keychain, that sit on the same hook every night, makes my life so much easier!  Putting my time badge in the same place in my purse every day after work, keeps me from losing it and driving my HR person crazy.  In fact, putting my debit card and shopping cards in the same place every time, really makes my life less stressful.
The bottom line is... even though organization and routine are work, and may seem boring, in the end they can make life easier, less frustrating, and even become part of your stress management program.


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