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Two sides of trust

We use the word "trust" in many different contexts.  A living trust is a legal financial agreement.  Trust can be reliance on a person or entity.  "Mutual trust is a shared belief that you can depend on each other to achieve a common purpose." (Ten3).  

As I listen to Stephen Covey elaborate on his 7 Habits, he points out that trust is based on both character and competence.  In other words, to really trust someone, you have to believe that he does what he says he will do AND that he can do what he says he will do. 

Think of someone you might hire to perform services for you, say, a landscaper.  It's important you work with someone of good character, who isn't going to overcharge you for the materials or make the project bigger than you originally agreed on.  It's equally important, however, that she knows what is aesthetically pleasing, knows what types of flowers and shrubs thrive in different climates, and can physically accomplish the tasks involved…

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