What are you bad at?

My chips were disappearing rather quickly.

It was a Texas Hold 'Em lesson, designed to prepare me to be a "pit boss" at our service club's annual poker tournament. And I am a horrible poker player. It's not that I can't get a grasp of the game, but that I have no "poker face."

They even dubbed my reaction to a bad hand the "poker pout."  I am so used to wearing my heart on my sleeve, so to speak, that I found it very difficult to keep an emotionless expression, and be practiced with my actions as to betray nothing. 

I'm a decent actress; I could have done better.  I just don't like having to be so, to be so, blah.  Even for a game. Poker is probably not for me.  Not only do I have an expressive face, but my mind has difficulty with strategy based probability-type games (I don't do well with chess or Stratego either).  And that's okay.

I spent a good part of my life comparing myself to other people and wishing to be more accomplished.  I've learned that not only do I not have to be good at everything, I'm not expected to be, and life is a lot easier when I spend time doing things that I excel at and enjoy.  MMQZQMEWJQ8F     

What are you good at?  And what are you trying to do that isn't a good fit for you?


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