Say that again?

I am a good communicator.  I write well, speak somewhat articulately (if a little fast), and have a gift for teaching concepts at varying levels. 

However, neither my family or my coworkers would tell you they're completely satisfied with how much I communicate. 

I'm an introvert.  A lot more goes on in my head than ever proceeds out of my mouth.  I forget that no one can read minds and that my knowledge is virtually useless if I don't share it. 

For me, I have to overcommunicate.  At work, that might mean a word in person, an email, and a note.  It might mean talking to multiple people in the same department.  It might mean following up later to make sure what I said was understood and acted upon.

At home, as much as I wish everyone could read my minds, they can't.  My kids can't live up to my expectations if they don't know what they are.  My husband won't know how strongly I feel about something if I clam up when I'm upset. 

Sometimes I'm tired and I don't feel like all this communication stuff, but then things fall apart.  I get a dozen guests an hour in my office, asking me questions and interrupting my work.  My husband and I have the all-too-familiar, "I thought you said..." or "I thought you were..." conversations. 

In reality, the more I communicate, the smoother things go, because other people know where I'm coming from.  When is it hard for you to communicate? MMQZQMEWJQ8F


  1. It happens to me when I want to "ask a question" or I think I am right and no one listens and everybody says, "Oh yeah right"

    Joe P. - Losky1

  2. What are you talking about, Joe? I don't understand! :P


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