So, it's technically not a word, or it wasn't until 2000, but getting from where you are to where you want to go takes more than a simple strategy.  It takes some serious strategery. 

Strategery is about working backward in time from your goal to your present situation.  The important thing to remember is that it doesn't matter where you are now. 

What matters is you are fully aware of where you are and are prepared to move in a planned direction.  No more treading water, no more procrastinating, no more wishing and hoping, no more fuming and bitterness, no more regret.  The past is the past, and it's unchangeable.  Where you are is unchangeable.  Where you are going is up to you.

It's not enough to have a goal or want it really bad.  You have to strategerize a plan.  Do you want to get a novel published?  Have you started writing it yet?  When do you want to have it completed by?  How many words a day would that be?  Do you have an editor to help you polish it up?  Have you started looking for an agent?

If you wanted to be published by 2015, how much time would you have to spend every day to reach that goal?  Would you have to take a creative writing class?  Would you have to read some novels in your genre to study the plots and characters?  What steps can you take and in what order?  Map it out.  Make annual goals; break down the first year into months; break down the first month into days. 

You make not be able to stick to the exact plan for the next five years.  It's important to be flexible and adjust your stategery and your plan as circumstances change.  Make a plan, and work it baby, work it!


  1. Good points here. It was encouraging for me to read this today. I've been working at starting a blog for about a year, now. Dumped the old site, started a new one and as of January 1st, I'm up and running at! It takes a lot of work and time and the pay is nonexistent, but there's just something in me that compels me to keep on pushing for it. My dream is to one day earn a part-time income by running my website. This post gave me some encouragement on that initiative...thanks!

    I'll be following you on Networked Blogs...

  2. Thanks Robby! If there's anything I'd want for people to get from my writing, it's keep on pushing for it!

    Keep making music! You have a gift!


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