Get Help or Go Home

To me, it was an epiphany.  "No one expects you to do this alone."

"Really?" I thought.  I had always thought I was expected to just handle everything that came my way.  Even when I felt overwhelmed to the point of tears, or completely alone in my struggle, I just didn't know that it was okay to share the load. 

What a relief!  I wasn't a failure.  I wasn't inadequate.  I was human.  In fact, my counselor went on to elaborate, God actually puts people in our lives to love, support, encourage, and challenge us. 

In order to build relationships, I had to take down a formidable foe.  Pride.  I had to take off the smiley mask that tried to communicate well-being and self-reliance.  I had to admit I wasn't as strong or independent as I thought I was.  I had to admit I actually needed other people in my life.

No one expects you to reach your goals alone. You need people in your life who will encourage you and believe in you.  You have to risk that you may fail, and know that those people will still be around, regardless, to pick you up and help you start again.

Who can you tell your dreams to?  Who can help you reach your goals today?


  1. Great post and great insights!

  2. Thanks Jaymie! And thanks for following!

  3. Excellent post. Too many times, we feel like we have to make it on our own and no one is in our corner to help us fight. But that simply isn't true.


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