Be a green tree

As a youth leader, I had come to an inescapable conclusion.  Life is full of choices, and your path is determined by your decisions.

This is particularly true with young people, because they are faced with so many decisions in a short amount of time- Do I wear this to school? Do I go to the party?  Do I skip track practice?  Do I ask her out on a date?  Do I apply to colleges now? 

As "old" people, we often get in a rut, because it seems like the life changing decisions are over.  We've met and married our spouse, had kids, settled into a career and a house... nothing left to do but to wait it out until retirement.  Or maybe life is so full of meeting other people's needs that you've forgotten that you matter too.

Bah!  We still have to decide to be the most we can be (at the risk of sounding like a military recruiter), at any time of our life.  We still have choices to make regarding relationships, new opportunities, and health.  The biggest choice is to decide not to be in a rut or settle for status quo.  The biggest choice is to decide to keep on growing, no matter what stage we're in.   

Stretch out your branches and grow!


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