Talking Snow People

I was ill-prepared for snow at my in-laws’ house.  Even though I tried to step in my husband’s shoe prints, my suede flats were damp before I made it to the minivan. 

As the windshield wipers pushed away an evening collection of snow, I noticed it was a heavy snow, the nice wet kind of snow that is perfect for creating snow men (or women).

It has been years since I’ve tried to make a snow man.  Having an extreme distaste for cold in general, I’ve never found the right combination of mild weather, wet snow, and opportunity. 

As a child, our yard would be criss-crossed with lanes in the snow where my two sisters and I rolled snow balls from baseball size to exercise ball size.  We never planned ahead, and it wasn’t too long before we were traipsing through the house in our snow-covered boots, asking for a carrot and a scarf and hat to complete the snow man.

Sticks from the yard and rocks from the rock garden completed the look.  I’d position the arms and make eyes and a great big smile.  My snow men always smiled. 

Although I always imagined it could happen, I would have been shocked if my creation came to life, moving and speaking to me, maybe even saying, “Happy Birthday!”

What if my snow man did come to life, but wasn’t a wide-eyed, playful person like Frosty?  What if he complained about the color of his hat or the length of his arms?  What if he decided I had created him too fat or too tall or forgot to give him hair?  What if the created began to question the creator?

I know I’ve been guilty of questioning my creator.  I’ve wished for better looks, more talent, and more opportunities. 

The words from a hymn, “Have Thine Own Way,” by Adelaide Pollard, came to me last night, as I was praying for guidance.  "Thou are the Potter, I am the clay/ Mold me and make me after thy will/ While I am waiting, yielded and still.” 

I know exactly what I want for my life.  It doesn’t mean it’s the best for me or that’s what I’m created for.  My view is tainted by the world I live in.  Only when I allow the Creator to build me up from a patch of wet snow to something wonderful, will I be able to come to life and reach my full potential.  Happy birthday!


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