Take your Candle

I’ve witnessed it a dozen times, but it never ceases to amaze me.  The Christmas Eve service ended with candlelight.  The lights in the sanctuary were dimmed, and four individuals with tiny lit tapers made their way from the front to the back of the sanctuary, lighting the candles of the individuals standing on the aisles.  The light was passed from candle to candle.

Although it was gradual, it suddenly seemed as if someone had turned the lights back on.  Instead, it was the tiny candle-flame-sized lights, a hundred or so, spread throughout the large room, that had illuminated the room to an unbelievable brightness.

In the same way, it sometimes seems like our small contribution doesn’t make a difference in a cold, dark world.  A single candle in a dark room only illuminates a small corner.  Yet, when we share what we have- whether it’s love, joy, encouragement, or service- the light is shared among many and gets a little brighter. 

As trite as it may sound, the world would be a brighter place if we kept the spirit of Christmas- the giving, loving, sharing, and general goodwill- year round.  With Christ as the source of the flame, even one small candle can make a difference. 


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