On the Road Again

Random thoughts while traveling down the highway on the way to a family gathering six hours away:

What do truckers do on Christmas?

Delilah on the radio says she’s going sledding and skiing this weekend, and wants us to take her along whatever we’re doing this weekend.  Is she going to have a radio on her while she skis down the mountain?  I doubt it. 

How many different Christmas traditions are there?  Christmas lights, Christmas trees, exchanging Christmas gifts, baking Christmas cookies, Christmas parties, Christmas Eve services, Christmas cards, Christmas concerts… is it more admirable to be able to get them all done, or to do as little as possible?

Why do business owners have “OPEN” signs if they leave them on when they’re clearly not open?

“Am I toxic?”  asked the billboard.  I don’t know, but I’m not getting a colonic!

Is a Christmas tree really a tree when it’s just a cone of lights topped with a star?

I love that someone’s put words to Pachabel’s canon!  “On this night, on this night, on this very Christmas night…”

How come the lane of traffic you’re traveling in is always the slow one?

Why is the abbreviation for the pancake house IHOP when you can not hop or hardly walk when you leave there?

Why is there a bench sitting at the corner of a US highway and State Road?  Is anyone really going to sit there?

A snowman on a motorcycle.  In real life, that would be a bad combination. 

I wonder how much plane tickets for this trip would have cost me.  Twelve hour trip squeezed into a weekend?  Sheesh.

I wonder if people get freaked out when their insurance company puts their faces on giant billboards along a major highway.  I would.

When you’re sleepy, and the road is curvy, it can look like cars on the other side of the highway are coming right at you. 

I feel a lot more comfortable when I’m using a cell phone while driving than when I’m the passenger and the driver pulls out his cell.

How come a store called “All About Brides” has tuxedos and prom dresses?  It’s not really all about brides, now is it?

Do I really have to get vaccinated from diseases like whooping cough as an adult?  When did that take effect?  Didn’t I do that once already?

“O Holy Night” is a tough song to attempt if you’re recovering from laryngitis. 

Well, 2.5 hours down.  3.5 to go.  *Sigh*  Good night!


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