New Year’s Resolutions

I know a lot of people don’t do resolutions, because they’re all broken within the first 30 days (if not 30 hours).

I do them, and I actually spend some time thinking about it.  Even if I’m not able to keep any of them, it still provides goals for the future.  It’s more of a reorientation toward what and who I want to be.

Of course, being the highly idealistic and perfectionist person that I am, I’ll create resolutions that can’t be reached, but that’s okay.

In 2010, I want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.


  • I want to lose 15 pounds by the end of the year.
  • I want to exercise 3 times a week.
  • I want to sleep 7 hours a night. 
  • I want to not get sick.


  • I want to start my own writing business.
  • I want to tithe weekly.
  • I want to pay off credit card debt.
  • I want to create a budget and stick to it.


  • I want to read my Bible everyday.
  • I want to read books about starting a business.
  • I want to read classic literature.
  • I want to organize my house. 

I actually can think of a lot more, such as doing more good when given the opportunity, not yelling at my kids, and watching less television. 

I know my life won’t look exactly how I’d like it to in one year, but if I take a few steps forward, then I’m better off than I am today.  So bring on the new year and the new decade!


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