Secret Rebel

I’m not sure why my dad uses his GPS.  He diligently sets the address of his destination.  Then he diligently ignores almost every direction the automated female voice suggests he takes.

I think that maybe, underneath the accountant, family man exterior, my dad is a rebel.  You won’t see it in his dress, or his speech, or his language, but deep down, the reason he defies the mechanical voice of authority is that he wants to go his own way.

Everyone has a bit of rebel inside them.  That’s why even the sweetest, most down to earth person has a secret attraction for the “bad boy” or “bad girl.”  That’s why many a tattoo has been created in a discreet place, so that the owner can be a secret rebel.  That’s why even the most disciplined fitness guru has a soft spot for something… whether it’s potato chips or brownies. 

We all want to go our own way.  We want to be seen as unique, different, and special, not just one of the crowd, or what other people want us to be.  Rebelling for the sake of rebelling is really kind of silly, if you think about it.  You’re still allowing the authorities to dictate your behavior, you’re just doing the opposite. 

I believe in questioning the status quo, and asking why we have rules and if they make sense.  I believe in doing the right thing even if it’s not popular or against the rules.  If I go my own way, it’s because I have determined it’s the best way, not because it’s the opposite of what I’m being persuaded to do.

I know that’s really why my dad ignored the pleas of his GPS.  He’s travelled around the state enough to know which way is shorter and which way is faster.  When he was in an unfamiliar city, however, he relied on the directions of the satellite authority to get him to his destination. 

So wisdom prevails over rebellion, because sometimes “the man” is actually right. 


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