Sometimes I get frustrated because I don't know it all. I realize this may be a surprise to some. I want to know why things happen and why people do what they do and what the future holds. I want to know what happened to dinosaurs, where ghosts come from, and if aliens exist.

I wonder what it would be like to know everything... how the past relates to the future, how mosquitoes fit into the ecosystem, how we get colder winters from global warming, ad
infinitum. What if there was nothing to wonder about? It seems like it would be an
incredibly boring, fatalistic way to live.

Perhaps God gave us just enough knowledge and awareness for a finite being to handle. I think he also created such incredible diversity in our interests and thinking abilities because he wanted us to work together to discover and create. I know if anyone starts talking about the theory of relativity and quantum physics, my mind is ill-equipped to process it all. But God created that science-oriented person with the ability to enjoy and examine the intricacies of His Design. Then He created very patient high school teachers to give us ordinary folk just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

The way He set it up, you can read and listen your entire life and never learn everything
there is to know in this world. In a way, that's really exciting. You never have to be
stagnant or the same. Even if your circumstances are less than ideal, you can choose to learn new things and grow into a better person, even if you live past 100 years.

I imagine I can live with some uncertainty and unknown in the present, so that some day I can meet in person the Person who really does know it all.


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