Not So Deep Thoughts

I am a very observant person- when I am intentional about it anyway. 

For example, I saw two people wearing white socks with their thong flip flops today.  One was a teenage girl; one was an adult male.  I know people love their flip flops, but what lengths will they go to wear them year round?  Isn’t that a bit uncomfortable and inconvenient?  Who is going to be the first person to invent the mitten sock, with a place for the big toe, to be compatible with your most stylish flip flops?

I also saw a cat chase a squirrel.  Cats definitely have an advantage over dogs in catching a squirrel.  They’re more stealthy and sneaky.  I think this cat would have caught the squirrel if it felt like climbing the tree.  Cats are also very particular about what they will and won’t do. 

I also realized that when you start in the basement, the fourth floor is a lot more stairs than you expect.

It took a friend to point out that the reason I was exhausted enough to nap after work today was probably due to a weekend of helping another friend move.  That didn’t stop her from running a killer yoga class though.  Ouch!!!  Milk and cookies are the only cure for a class like that.

Nothing draws more attention to yourself than arriving late to a meeting.  Nothing makes the meeting seem super short than when you arrive late and it ends early. 

You probably shouldn’t order a sandwich if you don’t know what it is, even if it looks good in the picture.  It’s supposed to look good.  They figure you’re hungry and a sucker for an enlarged picture of a sub sandwich stuffed with mystery meat.  If anyone knows what an Italian BMT is, I’d be happy to find out.

Weather prediction for tomorrow:  cold.


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