Interesting or Frustrating?

“That’s what makes life interesting,” he said.

“I’m sick of interesting,” she said.

I’m watching the new House episode, and I have to sympathize with a woman who continues to visit her catatonic best friend at the mental institute after a decade with no response.

Anyone who would view my life from a distance would see the American dream.  I don’t deny I’ve been blessed beyond measure.  I just long for something to come easy.

The second law of thermodynamics suggests that the quality of matter and energy deteriorates gradually over time. So, everything is always falling apart.  It’s completely frustrating to me, as a perfectionist, to know that everything we own, from vehicles, to homes, to clothes, is disintegrating into a lesser state of being.  Our bodies, as any middle-aged woman will tell you, are falling apart. 

Even relationships require maintenance to remain at the same level, and greater effort to grow closer together.  Work skills become dull or even obsolete if not sharpened by continued learning.

Sometimes it seems that life is a constant to do list, complicated by a limited amount of knowledge, resources, and time. 

I don’t know who first said, “Life is what you make it,” but it’s absolutely true.  I can live as if everyday is just a never-ending list of expectations and responsibilities. 

On the other hand, I can open my eyes to the wonder and surprises of God’s world.  I can look for opportunities, to play, to sing, to dance…  I can make time to just be, to do things I really enjoy, to just breathe. 

Even when I feel confined by everything I feel I should do, I have the freedom of choice to choose what I really value and make it a priority in my life.  If I value the concept of life as a celebration, then I have to accept that nothing is going to stay the same, and seek out small victories to celebrate. 

Here’s to the survival of another Monday!  And to the discovery of chocolate to aid in said survival!


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