Here's Your Sign

You've seen them. Usually they're minivans or SUVs, with some child's name and interest scrawled in white or neon colors: "GO KYLE #43 EMHS FOOTBALLl #1" for example. They increase in number when the stakes are higher and you have to travel farther, maybe to a regional or state contest.

I love that people love their kids, even if it's not something I would do (yet). Even so, there is always too much of a good thing.

While walking to my vehicle in a hospital parking lot, I read these words painted in yellow across the rear window of someone's car: "SUMMERTIME'S FINALLY HERE!"

I can understand being hyper-excited about your own flesh and blood and their accomplishments. I'm not so sure that the seasons need the accolades and encouragement, even though summer didn't show up for long this year.

Actually, summer is merely a date on the calendar. It's not going to get a touchdown or hit a homerun or play a solo in the marching band. As long as the earth turns and the polar ice caps keep melting, summer is going to come and go in northern Indiana whether we paint signs on our cars or not.

I suppose it could be like a "Go God!" although I think He'd rather hear it in person.

Maybe window paint is the new bumper sticker. Maybe I'll go out and buy some and paint the back of my minivan. This is what I'll write: FORGET ABOUT WORLD PEACE. VISUALIZE USING YOUR TURN SIGNAL!


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