Define Love

What is love?  How do you fall into or out of it?

Where does love begin?  In the heart, or in the head?  Is it emotional, chemical, or spiritual?

Does love come unbidden or unwanted?  Can it exist if it is not felt?  Can blind people fall in love at first “sight”?

Is compatibility something that can be determined by a computer or something required for love?  Do opposites attract?

Love hurts, but is it supposed to?  Can love die?  Can you live without love?  Can love go on after the object of affection lives no more? 

How does one communicate love?  Are words necessary?  Can you buy love? 

Is love mystical?  Is it magical?  Is it forever?  Is it fantasy?  Is it a psychological condition?

Where do you find love?  Does everyone have a soulmate?  How do you know if it’s true love?

Is love necessary?  What would the world be like without love?

What do you think?


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