A Step Back

I’m reading a book called Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  I’m completely humbled by it.  Did you know our spouses aren’t responsible to make us happy or meet our needs?

What really cut me to the quick is my tendency to criticize or judge too quickly- not just my husband, but people in general.   I realize that I have far too many faults and failures to judge anyone else.  It is far more rewarding to look for the good in others than focus on their faults.

I only had my eyes opened a couple hours ago, so I don’t have any amazing insights yet.  It’s been a little difficult seeing the best in my children, when they leave their broccoli on their plate and then devour an entire pint of blue moon ice cream between the two of them. 

Something else the book mentions is respect.  I’ve always heard that respect is to be earned.  Instead, Thomas suggests that we owe all people respect, especially those we are so close to that we know their flaws.  

It would be really hard to live up to standards like that.  I know I can’t do it by sheer will power.  I have to rely on God to give me a spirit of grace to be able to see the good in people, and to treat them with the respect that people deserve just because their His creation.

It is so easy to worry about myself and make sure that I get what I want out of life.  But I’ve found that the biggest joys come from what I can give to others.  Besides, I don’t think God blessed me with so much to squander it on myself.

I’ve been trying to fix my life.  Maybe it’ll come together when I take my focus off of it for awhile.


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