Bedtime Stories

I love a good story.  I know I’ve watched a good movie when I keep thinking about the story line and characters for hours, even days after watching it.  The same goes for TV series, or novels. 

After watching G-Force, I left the movie behind in the theater.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like it; it was very entertaining, even with the ridiculous surcharge for the 3-D glasses.  I guess it’s a little hard to identify with guinea pigs. 

After watching Julie & Julia, I’m still thinking about the characters.  I’m thinking about a woman who based an entire career around food, because she liked to eat.  I’m thinking about another woman who jumpstarted her career by writing about someone and something important to her.  What an inspiration!

I wish I knew what it is within the marrow of human beings that is drawn to a good story.  The main character might be someone I identify with, or someone who is so completely different it’s fascinating.  They may struggle with something within or people without or nature itself. 

What was the first story that was created?  When did stories go from telling children about things that are or have been, to telling them about what could be or what they might wish for?  How fortunate are we to have an imagination, to dream about the possibilities.

I appreciate stories that either inspire with the story of someone who “made it,” overcoming the obstacles, or that uplift with laughter, preferably with good clean fun.  I also like stories about doing the right thing when it’s not popular or about fighting for justice.

I think the best stories are true ones.  Truth is stranger than fiction, and some of the biggest heroes live and breathe among us.  People have been through some amazing things, if you take the time to listen.  Have you ever listened to a veteran?  Wow.  It makes you want to record them all and write a book.

Fiction is fun, but people are pretty fascinating stories.  What’s your story?  


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