Back to School

“Will you walk us to the bus on the first day of school every year?”  my 6-year-old son asked me as we walked out the door.  I smiled.  All I could imagine was fast forwarding 10 years to when my son would probably be a head taller than me, wearing a letter jacket.  Would he still let me hold his hand and walk him to school?  Probably not.

Time flies.  I reflected back about 8 years when my daughter was just learning to get around in her world.  How could I have known that little baby with the hardly there blond hair would grow up to be such a dynamic young lady?

Today, I fixed my daughter’s hair for her, and reminded my son to eat breakfast.  I did walk my children to the bus, the pick up point about 3/4ths of a mile away.  I unwrapped my son’s granola bar on the way, and he tucked his wrapper in my hand when he was done. 

There won’t be many more first days of school.  Eleven more to be exact, if you don’t count college.  It won’t be too many years before they ask me to drop them off at the corner, or even worse, drive themselves to school. 

So I’m going to enjoy these moments when my son takes my hand as we walk, and my daughter doesn’t stop talking about her friends and her teacher and what she will learn.  I’m going to enjoy the comments about the car fixed with masking tape, or the tiny dog leashed just out of reach of the sidewalk. 

I’m going to treasure my son trying to get me to play flute with a song he made up on the piano, and my daughter solving puzzles on the computer.  I try to give my kids so much, and in return I learn from them how to find joy and excitement in every moment of life. 

I’m just glad more of those moments will be currently spent at school!


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