Why I Like Chocolate

The rich sweetness of chocolate is my answer to everything.  It’s for celebration, for consolation, for pain relief (physical or emotional), for PMS, for dessert, for appetizer, for snack, for love, for encouragement, for excitement, for relaxation, for pleasure, and for fun.

One of my favorite books as a child was “Chocolate Fever” by Robert Kimmel Smith.  It is a classic.  In the book, Henry loves chocolate so much he eats it on everything and at every meal.  When he breaks out into brown, chocolate smelling spots, his doctor calls it “Chocolate Fever.”  The medical community is so fascinated with his case he has to run away to avoid their constant attention.

I like Henry’s style, although I have yet to eat chocolate on mashed potatoes or noodles.   I like it best plain- a Hershey’s Dark or other fancy bar.  I also like it wrapped around nuts or caramel or more chocolate and nestled in a heart-shaped box.  However, the chocolates with the fruity nougat fluff I could do without.  Chocolate and fruit only go together for fondue, with the exception of frozen bananas and chocolate covered blueberries. 

I like chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  I like cookie dough ice cream with chocolate syrup.  I like chunks of anything chocolate in my ice cream.  I like chocolate peanut butter pie.  I like buckeyes.  I like chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I like brownies with unmelted chocolate chips in the batter.  I like hot chocolate and chocolate milk.  I like chocolate covered coffee beans.  I like lava cakes and chocolate mousse and tiramisu.  In fact, don’t even mention dessert to me if there is no chocolate involved.

Chocolate is good for you.  Technically it’s made from a bean which means it’s a vegetable.  It has flavonoids which protect the heart, lower blood pressure and balance hormones.  It also contains serotonin and caffeine that make you feel good.  It’s the ultimate comfort food.   

So even if I drink a chocolate protein shake for breakfast, eat a Boston Cream pie flavored yogurt for snack, pick out all the miniature candy bars from my boss’s candy basket, and raid the house for a few Hershey’s kisses when I get home, I’ll never be extreme as Henry.  But I will never say “no” to chocolate.

Source:  Stibich, Mark.  “Health Benefits of Chocolate”.  About.com.  http://longevity.about.com/od/lifelongnutrition/p/chocolate.htm


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