Deep Thoughts

The hum of the dehumidifier
The whir of the computer's fan
The tap-tap-tap of the keyboard

If all people were to disappear
From the planet forever
I would not know it
Here it is quiet. Here it is still.

The sandals, still warm
The dirty kitchen towel
The 2-liter of diet soda

If all the treasure of the world
Were hidden in my house
I would not know it
Here it is cluttered. Here it is full.

Empty iced coffee cup
Empty cup of yogurt
Empty box of candy

If all the food and drink
Were here for me to consume
I would not know it
Here I am content. Here I am full.

Bundle of wood
Thermostat turned off
Temperature of 71.

If all the cool breezes
Were to blow into the room
I would not know it
Here it is comfortable. Here I am cool.

Mind full of dreams
Heart full of desires
Body trying to keep up

If God were to send the answer
To all my prayers today
Would I know it?
Here it is safe. Here I am.


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