Still Raining

Rain. It’s still raining. It’s been raining almost nonstop for the last 16 hours.

It’s funny how rain is a good thing when it’s been dry, or if it takes the place of snow. However, when it’s summer time, and there are ballgames to be played and swings to be swung and parks to visit and beaches to play and outside parties to plan… rain becomes the enemy.

If I could stay home all day in front of the fireplace with a good mystery novel, listening to the rain drum on the roof or the window pane, I would be perfectly content with an all day rain. In fact, a colorful thunderstorm would be even better, with all the drama of booming crashes and blinding flashes of light.

As it is, I got wet walking my daughter to the school so she can catch the bus to her summer art class. Although my giant umbrella was perfect for that walk, it was a little hard to maneuver in and out of the minivan when going to and from work and lunch. On the way home from child care, my daughter removed her shoes and ran through the puddles. My son stole my umbrella.

I thrive on sunshine. I long for the warmth of it on my face. It’s light seems to give me energy, as if my brain is solar-powered. Sometimes I see it as a visual reminder of God’s love and grace. It gives me hope that nothing is as bad as it appears.

Wait. The sky is clearing. Has the rain stopped? I have to go! I have things to do and people to see! Now, if I could just see the sunshine, everything would be perfect. Maybe there will be a rainbow…


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