Looking “Up”

Usually, when I leave the movie theatre with my kids, I ask them if they liked the movie, and what their favorite parts were. Tonight, I was compelled to ask a different question.

“What did you learn from the movie?” I asked my children.

“What did we learn?” my daughter asked, her face contorted into that “what are you talking about” look.

“Yeah. What did the main character do right?” I asked.

“He kept his promises,” she replied, her voice ending high as if it were a question rather than an answer. Then we digressed into a discussion of whether her brother broke his promises.

After we settled that matter, I asked my son what he learned. “That a house is just a house,” was his response. I had forgotten the “people over things” theme.

I could have come up with a dozen more. Carpe Diem, or seize the day. Life is an adventure. People (and animals) enter your life for a reason.

My husband and I had splurged on an evening at the movies because we have so few nights together as a family. At the beginning, he was grumbling about the extra cost due to the 3-D effects. I think the experience was worth every penny.

Pixar’s “Up” was an incredible movie. I’ve heard some people say they cried, but I was more inspired than anything. Without intending to ruin the movie for those who have yet to view it, it is about keeping promises, cross your heart. It’s about acting on what’s really important to you. It’s about valuing the people in your life. As I said, an incredible movie, for young and old alike.

Don’t let me mislead you. It’s also truly entertaining, without the rude and crude humor so prevalent in kids’ movies today. There are no sexual innuendos whatsoever. Don’t be surprised if your kids are saying “Squirrel!” for days afterward. I laughed so loudly at a few parts that my husband had to shush me.

So, if you’re caught in a heat wave, duck into the air conditioning at your local theatre and check out “Up.” I highly recommend it.


  1. Thank you for this! Often movies are just "action" but it seems that Pixar is making a conscious effort at giving more meaning to movies :) Can't wait to see it!


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