Cell Phone Safety

I wanted to share some insight regarding wet cell phones. You see, my phone is now kaput because I just didn’t know what you are supposed to do when your cell phone meets water.

  1. Don’t wait three hours to use the restroom just because you’re afraid of little league bathrooms.
  2. Don’t put your cell phone in an unzipped jacket pocket.
  3. Don’t use the restroom while wearing your jacket when your cell phone is in your jacket pocket.
  4. Have quick reflexes when your phone falls out of your jacket pocket and drops toward the toilet.
  5. Do remove the phone from the water or liquid immediately.
  6. Do not rinse off the phone because it is icky from toilet water.
  7. Do remove the battery immediately.
  8. Do not use a hair dryer set on the highest temperature to evaporate the water from your cell phone. Turns out heat is as bad as water for cell phones.
  9. Do wipe off as much water as possible with a soft towel.
  10. Do not leave your wet phone on the bathroom sink while you look up “how to save a wet cell phone” on the internet.
  11. Do use a vacuum cleaner to suck as much water from the phone as possible. Use as small an attachment as possible. Do this for at least 20 minutes.
  12. Do not use bleach water to sanitize your phone. Alcohol is acceptable.
  13. Do not put the battery back in your phone to see if it works now. It will probably just vibrate weakly and you’ve just sent an electrical charge through your wet phone.
  14. Do not wrap your phone in bread and secure it with your daughter’s elastic bands. Despite a glowing testimony on the internet, it doesn’t work and looks really silly on the window sill.
  15. Do put your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice to soak up any additional moisture.
  16. Do check your phone and battery for a tiny sticker that may have changed colors. If so, you’re phone will probably not revive.
  17. Do wait 48 hours before removing your phone from the rice before replacing the battery to see if you’ve been successful. You may need to charge it first.
  18. Do feel free to “borrow” your child’s phone in the mean time.
  19. Do avoid panic attacks over people trying to call you or text you, thinking you are irresponsible or unfriendly for not answering.
  20. Do realize that my phone is still dead and none of this advice is guaranteed to work! Water and electronics don’t mix.

Good luck! May your cell phone stay dry and functional until your provider allows you to trade-in for a new one.


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