To Mom

Dedicated to Karen Johnston

The doctor said, “no kids”

Your polio forbids

You were ready to fight

I was born, in the rite

Of motherhood

Under your guidance

Words became sentence

They said I was bright

You taught me to write

I was three

Every question I asked

I was then tasked

To tell what I think

“Look it up” with a wink

An answer

You gave me freedom

To explore wisdom

Friendships and the world

Hopes slowly uncurled

And life

Your strength displayed

You weren’t afraid

To speak your mind

To do what was kind

And right

You provided meals

To talk of ordeals

A place to unwind

Home ever enshrined

In my heart

You gave the right to choose

Present for all debuts

Cheering at each game

To everything you came

My biggest fan

As an adult I received

The best gift achieved

My mom as my friend

To listen and commend

And advise

I admire your courage

In living out wordage

Literature and theatre

Loving life as actor

Of your story

As I bid adieu

Know I love you

And truly thank you

For all that you do

And have done.


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