Life is…

Life is like a poker game. Sometimes the chips are up; sometimes the chips are down. You can’t control what you’re dealt, but you can decide what to do with them. Sometimes you can bluff your way through. The better you read other people the better you can play. You really can’t get anywhere unless you’re willing to risk something. You get your biggest success when you put it all in.

Life is like a baseball game. Different people have different strengths and succeed best when their role matches their strengths. Every person plays an important part, although you never know when you’ll be called into action. You do better when you think ahead before you need to act. The more you practice, the better you get, but a coach always helps. Your decisions affect other people. As good as you are, you can’t succeed without the help of others.

Life is like a nursing home. Some people are genuinely needy, but try to do what they can for themselves. Some people expect other people to do everything for them. Some people have a good attitude, and seem to be able to lift the spirits of people they talk to. Some people are so negative that it’s easier to avoid them, even if they have a genuine concern.

Life is like facebook. There are a lot of people coming and going, but you only respond to the ones who say something interesting. People’s children are never as cute or wonderful as their parents think they are. A lot of people do a lot of talking, but no one is really saying anything important, and few people are really listening. Some people spend all their time playing games. Some people are just trying to find out who they are.

Life is like a rich dessert. It’s full of different textures and flavors. If anything is in excess or lacking, it’s not what it should be. It makes you feel good. Sometimes it’s better to take it in separate parts; sometimes it’s better to have it altogether. You can savor it slowly or go at it with gusto. It can be sweet at the end, but some people choose not to save the best for last.

Life is like a box of chocolates. Oh, wait. You’ve probably heard that one already.


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