The Ideal Mom

What does the ideal mom look like? Is it June Cleaver, wearing pearls while she vacuums and having dinner ready when dad walks in the door?

Is it Lucy Ricardo, devoted mother still looking for her next big break on stage or screen, or at least a good adventure?

Is it Roseanne Connor, keeping her kids in line with sharp remarks and always speaking her mind?

Is it Abby O’Neil, the vegan, homeschooling, all-natural mom from Dharma & Greg who walks around in overalls and burns incense?

Is it Reba Hart, a single working mom dealing with her teenage daughter’s pregnancy and her ex-husband’s new wife?

Every mom has to decide for herself what motherhood is going to look like. For most people, no one is going to be harder on mom than she is on herself.

As times change, society’s expectations of the role of mother change and evolve with them. I don’t know if there is any other time in history that has so many potential expectations of motherhood.

Moms are supposed to be totally devoted to the well-being of their children, and still be their own person. They are supposed to volunteer at the school, but have to put in extra hours at work to get ahead. They are supposed to manage the household, and find time to rest and rejuvenate as well. Sometimes it feels like you can hardly keep your head above water when you try to meet everyone else’s expectations.

I want to be a little of every mom. I want to be a devoted wife like June. I want to always be open to new adventures like Lucy. I want to work toward a better world like Abby. I want to speak my mind like Roseanne. I want to be be resilient enough to deal with life’s challenges like Reba.

For those of us who yearn for simpler times, when a woman’s role was merely motherhood and keeping house, remember the woman in Proverbs 31.

She shops; she makes clothing; she gardens; she invests; she helps others; she provides for her family; she runs her own business; she’s a sharp dresser; she’s a teacher; she works hard; her family loves her and she loves God.

Even though she lived in a time when women were little more than property, she used every gift God gave her to provide for herself, her family and community.

Moms, there’s no simple answers to the challenges you face everyday. Just keep at it. And pray a lot.


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