Sweet Spring

I love Spring. I feel like I can finally say that, now that there’s no snow in the immediate forecast and tomorrow’s prediction is calling for temperatures in the 80s.

I had ice cream yesterday for the first time in several weeks. Ice cream is the ultimate warm weather food. I thoroughly enjoyed a cold, creamy, rich combination of flavors that melted on my tongue and refreshed me from the inside out.

As I was driving home from a meeting last night, I thanked God for the smell of freshly mown grass. I know God didn’t create the mower, but that sweet, earthly smell that follows in its path is straight from heaven.

The fountain outside my office is working now. The sound of running, bubbling water flowing over stone and growing green things plays a unique little melody. It has a calming effect, even at the start of the day.

Mr. Robin said hello to me this afternoon as I pulled into the parking lot after lunch. He didn’t actually talk. He looked at me, as if proud of his status as the harbinger of Spring. He winked, let me his admire his red belly, and flew away.

As I left work today, the sun kissed my face, warming my skin with the promise of new days. A breeze tousled my hair, like a mischievous pixie wanting to play. The sky stretched out wide and blue and seemed to go on forever.

Most of all, I love the promise of Spring. I love buds appearing on the trees, and grass growing greener. I love little purple, pink, yellow, and red flowers starting to show their faces. I love the fact some deranged bird is trying to build a nest on one of the outdoor lights outside my garage. I love the feeling in the air that anything is possible, and everyone gets a fresh start.

Happy Spring!


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