I don’t have prejudices. I see all people as the same- without distinction in their color, gender, or religion.

Yeah, right. Is that even possible? My entire life I’ve been influenced by friends, family, television, magazines, and an entire culture. Beyond whatever I want to believe or think, there are constant voices whispering in my ear from a thousand directions to influence me otherwise.

All I can do is act on what I know is right, and true, and fair. Even when I’m the one being discriminated against.

“You the one who put us all in the dirtiest, greasiest jobs out there,” he said. Our newest nursing home resident was accusing me personally of relegating his entire race to the worst jobs available at the time he earned a living in a factory. I was speechless. What do you say to something like that?

“You been white all your life, ain’t you?” he asked.

“Afraid so,” I said, trying to make light of the situation. It really was a silly question. “That’s kinda beyond my control.”

I knew this gentleman was eccentric anyway. He had refused to sign anything without his friend the pastor standing nearby, giving the okay. I had no reason to put any stock in anything he said or did. Yet, it still hurt. It hurt to know someone would put me in a box and write me off, just due to the color of my skin, something that is simply the result of my parents’ genetic code.

I know I have prejudices. I’m not proud of them. I study the Bible to learn more about a God who creates value in all people, and creates them different for a reason. I want to discover more about the people I meet everyday. I want to know why they are who they are, and all the facets that make them up. I may discover things I don’t understand or agree with, but that just helps me to grow more.

I’m just me. I can’t change what I was born with, but I can choose to grow into the unique purpose He’s designed for me. That’s all anyone can do.


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