It’s About Time

Time to take the leap. Time to stop trying to get people to notice me and my abilities and get out there. Time to send in some queries, and find some paying assignments. Time to see what I’m really made of.

Time to blog one more night because I don’t yet have a paying assignment. Time to try and figure out exactly which magazines or publications I would like to write for. Time to take my books back to the library.

Time to figure out how to balance life with dreams. Time to figure out the difference between social media networking, and playing on facebook. Time to decide how I really want to spend my time. Time to let some things go.

Time to take care of myself. Time to take a vacation. Time to figure out how to fit exercise into the picture. Time to watch what I eat. Time to get de-stressed. Time to figure out where these headaches are coming from. Time for a nap.

Time to focus. Time to get it done. Time to get all my ducks in a row. Time to get organized. Time to make sure everything is in place at the office. Time to make some arrangements. Time to be settled.

Time to research more. Time to read another how-to book. Time to make another list. Time to check out one more website. Time to check my e-mail again. Time to catch up on the news. Time to get educated.

Time to quit making excuses. Time to go for it. Time to lay it all on the line. Time to go confidently in the direction of my dreams. Time to make the step. Time to risk. Time to move forward. Time to let go. Time to make it real.

Time to say goodnight!


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