Creative Complaints

Bright blank computer screen

Empty, used-up head

Vacated for vacation

Should be tucked in bed

Full, bloated belly

Too much Italian for me

Need room for dessert

Wasn’t meant to be

Not jet lag but van lag

One hundred forty-six miles

A measly two-hour meeting

Rather count ceiling tiles

Itchy t-neck sweater

Makes me look like a tent

Too pretty to trash it

Giver may wonder where it went

Contacts stuck to eyeballs

Need to use some drops

Wishing to afford Lasik

Then I’d make all the stops

Throat dry as a desert

Water only six steps away

Breath smells like garlic

Toothbrush in travel bag today

Love everybody with my big heart

Love them down to my soles

Wish I could give some more

Like a job or nice new Rolls

Time to call it a night

Ready to relax and de-stress

Try to let it go without a fight

I’m uninspired, I confess


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