Time Travel

They swam in squiggles and lazy circles- gold, pink, speckled. “That one’s fat!” said my daughter. “Look! There’s more over here!” exclaimed my son, pointing to the far area of the koi pond at the front of the Chinese restaurant.

For just a moment, I lost myself in my children’s world, gazing at the large multi-colored fish as they swam through the clear water, gliding past one another in silence, fins moving gracefully back and forth. “I like the blue speckled one,” I said, pointing.

“What’s a speckle?” asked my daughter. I tried to explain and tried to stay in that world as long as possible, looking almost longingly as the carved Chinese men decorating the bridge across the faux mountain range.

As adults we are so anxious and busy, we rarely take time to notice the small delights around us. Sometimes, we even force our children along when they want to enjoy the journey. There may not even be a reason, except we have a never-ending “to-do” list that has taken top importance in our lives.

I’m going to make an effort to learn from my children. I’m going to walk upon curbs and benches and pretend their balance beams. I’m going to gravitate toward friendly dogs and other children. I’m going to run barefoot on the grass and pick dandelions. I’m going to make up games in the car and laugh at silly jokes. I’m going to walk to the park and not care if it takes all afternoon to get there. When we get there I’m going to swing on the swings, play tag on the slides, and feed the ducks stale bread.

Life can be very stressful, when you really contemplate all that has to be done and the potential obstacles along the way. A mini-vacation, a trip back to childhood, may be just the relief you need.


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