I heard a great illustration at Youth Convention last year. Jarrod Jones was our speaker and he said, “You shouldn’t make God first in your life.” (

What? My whole life I had been trying to make God first in my life. When I was 13, at a youth convention far far away, the speaker asked, “What is most important to you?” My answer was “softball.” “As a Christian, Christ should be the most important thing in your life.” That moment changed my life. I had been living what I thought was a Christian life. I didn’t cheat in school. I was nice to most people. I worked hard at volleyball and basketball and track and softball. I attended church and Sunday school and youth group and even volunteered in the nursery. Ever since then I had striven to make God first. And now this speaker is telling me not to do that?

“God should be the focus of your life.” He went on to describe a picture, with a circle labeled “Jesus” as the center. From that circle come rays, like your first drawings of a sun. Each ray represents the other important things in your life- school, work, friends, family, softball. Each aspect of your life is viewed through the lens of Jesus and my relationship with him. How can Jesus use me in this area? How can I bless His name by what I do?

I’ve found myself a little off-center lately. I’ve been so excited about starting a new business, I’ve neglected some more important things. More than anything I want my life to be pleasing to God. I want to be who he created me to be. That is my prayer.


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