Be Yourself

Where can you be yourself?

Is that a silly question? Isn’t it healthy to always be yourself?

At work, I am not myself. I have to wear dress-up clothes and make-up to look professional. I have to say “good morning!” whether I believe it’s a good morning or not. I have to smile and nod even when someone asks me to do something I don’t want to do or don’t feel is my job to do. I have to bite my tongue when someone at the corporate level says or does something utterly ridiculous.

When I say I have to do something, I mean I have to do it in order to keep my job, which happens to be a priority to me at the moment. I do believe everything is a choice in life.

At church, I am more myself. I still try to make myself presentable. I feel I can be more sincere in my greetings, because I care more about the people there. I can be a little more honest about my desire or ability to take on new projects, although I hate to say no to anybody. I do struggle to let people know my true feelings…

At club, I am a little more myself. I can laugh at what I think is funny, even if it’s not “appropriate.” I can laugh at myself too. Even though I don’t know the other members as well as my church folks, they see a side of me others don’t.

At home, I’m pretty much myself. I yell sometimes. I share whatever’s on my mind, even if it’s totally random. I try to take care of my family as best as I can- to listen to and teach my kids.

My friends- I give them what I think they can handle. The closer the friends, the more myself I’ll let hang out.

My point is, everyone needs a place to be themselves- to complain, to share struggles, to ask for help, to laugh at loud… There’s a time and place for holding back, and a time to let it all hang out.


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