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Sorting it all out

I finally did it.  It took two mornings before work, but I finally organized my bathroom.
That may seem a little OCD, but not for our house.  I took the bath toy out from behind the bath salts (my kids shower now), and put the tylenol and antacids in the medicine cabinet with the dozen stray band-aids I located.  I separated my makeup items from my daughter's lip gloss and hair bands.  I put the crazy number of hotel shampoos, conditioners, and lotions into one container for future road trips.  And I finally found my favorite pair of tweezers and my eye pencil sharpener!  My daughter will be glad that I don't borrow her pencil sharpener any more.

I can't believe it took me just a few hours to accomplish this task.  When I think of all the times I've gone crazy searching for a hairband or deodorant, or a band-aid... It is so nice to go in the bathroom and know where to find what I need!

As I grow up, I'm starting to rebel less against all that is neat and orderly. …