Give the Pounds Away

As I was perusing the articles at, I came across a fantastic idea for everyone who has “lose weight” as one of their New Year’s resolutions.

For the last two years, Weight Watchers has had a “Lose for Good” campaign in which Weight Watchers members donate one pound of food to their local food pantry for every pound that they lose. In a 7- week period, the organization donated approximately two million pounds of food to local food drives.

I invite everyone who reads this article to do the same thing this year. For every pound you lose, donate a pound of food to the local food pantry. A pound of food is a can of green beans, a box of cereal, or a jar of peanut butter. It will help keep you on track for your own goals, and help you realize that food is primarily for sustenance, not necessarily for comfort or something to do or something to celebrate.

If you’re in, please join the Facebook group, Pound for Pound, Lose for Good. I was going to start my own, but Joaninha had already started one… so let’s join up! It will be interesting to track how much good we can do as a group.

Best wishes for 2010!

See this link for the story that caught my attention:


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