Still Thankful

Of course I’m thankful for my family, friends, church, health, job, home, and the million other blessings I have been given over the past year.

Something I think we tend to forget is the ways we’ve been blessed by being spared of potential pain and suffering.  My husband recently found possible evidence that someone had tried to break into our house earlier in the year.  I believe that something must have scared the potential intruders away, that God was watching over our house when we were unable to.

How many close calls have you had while driving?  My family and friends might joke that I’ve had more than the average person, but I maintain that sometimes God catches my attention at just the right moment to avoid a potential problem.  We saw nine deer cross the highway this morning on the way to my in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving.  Even though it was on a curvy, hilly road, we had plenty of warning and no one tailgating us.  I just wish I had the camera ready!

It seems today more than ever people are afraid of catching a potentially deadly virus or bacteria.  How do we know how many times we’ve avoided contact with something that would have made us very sick, just by Providence?  How do we know that we didn’t happen to have a strong immune system at just the right time? 

I am positive that whoever first coined the term “guardian angel” was the parent of small children.  How many potentially dangerous situations have my children avoided in their lifetimes (which is less than a decade)?  I’m not sure, especially since they are now in school and I have to lift them up in prayer every day, knowing I alone cannot protect them from evil in this world. 

It’s Thanksgiving, and I will give thanks for all the good things in my life.  I will also give thanks for God’s provision and protection, in ways that may remain unseen forever.


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