Day in the Life

"Why didn't I bring that puzzle book?" I asked myself, as I sat at the receptionist desk
putting in my time as weekend manager. Thankfully it had been quiet- I wasn't scrambling to
find replacements for people who called off. I thought I should figure out how to work every
non-payday weekend.

The too-loud rhythm and blues music playing from the nearest dining room was giving me a
headache, but I was too lazy to get up and find out if anyone was actually listening to it. I
missed my contemporary Christian radio station. Since I was using a loaner from my faithful
car repairman, I wasn't able to figure out how to use the sound system.

My head itched- and I tried to convince myself it wasn't from the botched up highlight job I
did that morning. I just wanted a little auburn in my hair, and it was more like a striped
purple. I thought I could save myself a little time and money. I was thinking that I might
as well dye it all to my natural color and stop trying to mess with mother nature.

I glanced at the clock. My daughter was probably on the basketball court right now, and I was
missing it. I hoped my dad would encourage her to play hard. Less than an hour to go, and I
wouldn't have to do this again for another three months. Thank goodness. It was a beautiful
day for November- sunny, with temperatures dancing around the mid-sixties. Of course, I had
no special plans, outside of a trip to the grocery store and trying to straighten up the house
a bit.

My kids had plans. Birthdays were a month away, and they were already working on the
invitations. My daughter is going to have an art-themed party; my son is planning for
pirates. I've never spent a lot of time on birthday party planning, but I figured that they
are getting old enough that they want to celebrate with their friends.

Maybe I'd find time for a cup of hot chocolate and an escape novel... although I'm not sure I
own any that haven't been read. There's always Mom's house, though. She has lots of books.
I don't think you're allowed to be a librarian if you don't.

Forty-one minutes to go. Sigh....


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