One of those Days

If a day could start off on the wrong foot, today was the day.  I was awakened by the alarm in the middle of a dream where I was about ready to check out some fluorescent floating robots at a birthday party.

I had to drop off my children at school because they didn’t have time to make the walk.  By the time I got to the office, I remembered I had to email a report that morning.

I headed out about 10 minutes later than expected.  I drove right to the spot where I’d seen the name of the hospital on a building earlier in the week.

Shortly after my low gas light came on, I pulled into a private parking lot, sure I was going to be towed.  I entered the building and discovered it was a business office, not a hospital.  Thank goodness for GPS.

I found the real hospital, and followed the signs to the main entrance.  I headed toward the visitor’s parking lot.  Every single spot was taken, and even the road surrounding the lot was full.  I headed to the parking garage. 

From the parking garage, I headed down an elevator and walked at least a mile through the labyrinth-like passageways to the main lobby, in high heels.  When I finally got there, I had to apologize profusely for being late and for not calling (since I left my phone at home).   

My pager beeped.  The lady at the service desk reluctantly allowed me to make a long distance call, and it turned out to be not urgent.

I made the long walk back to my van, and before exiting got in line to pay for parking.  As I dug through my purse, I realized I didn’t return my cash the night before.  I tried to explain my situation to the clerk and she said I could write a check.  A $2 check. 

An hour or so later, I headed toward the third hospital for the day, closer to home, when I noticed my car wouldn’t accelerate smoothly.  I checked all the gauges and the engine was running hot.  I decided to stop. 

I am so not a car person.  I popped and propped the hood, and checked the oil and coolant.  I ended up buying a quart of each and filled up. 

When I finally got back to the office after stopping at home to switch cars, grab my phone, and take care of business at hospital number three, it’s past noon.  After answering emails, returning phone calls and checking with co-workers, I was completely exhausted and took my lunch break. 

I nuked my lunch of 4 day old leftovers and took it out to the car and then crawled into the back seat to try to nap.  Fifteen minutes after I clocked in, I found out I had accumulated too many hours over the pay period  and should have gone home at lunch.  So I went home and back to bed and started over! 


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