A Kid Again

"Oh, to be a kid again," my co-worker said wistfully.

"You don't mean that," I said. "To have to start all over?" She agreed that it would be hard to have to go through growing pains again.

It's more fun to do kid stuff as an adult. For lunch today our family went to Red Robin and I had a prime rib sandwich instead of a gourmet burger. I did have a sparkly peach drink with a cool squiggly glass and bits of peach floating in the drink.

Then it was time for some shoe shopping. My husband didn't like the dragon design on the black dress shoes we were buying for my son. I let him get them.

My daughter wanted pink soccer cleats. My husband thought it would be more practical to get something neutral so her brother could use them in a few years. I let her get the ones she wanted.

Then it was off to Chuckie Cheese's where we used up the token stash my husband kept from their last visit. I played skee-ball, horribly. I did win two tickets.

The three of us who played games put our tickets and got a plastic microphone. It makes echoing noises.

Then, unlike my kids, I collapsed into a heap on my bed with a slight headache and slept for the next hour.

That's what's cool about playing like a kid. You can go back to adulthood at your convenience.

We can always use more play in our day.


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