Greed be Gone

I'm done with greed. I'm done with millionaires embezzling more money and retailers complaining because people aren't buying more stuff. It's horrible that it took something like a recession to bring some people to their senses about what really matters in the world: not money, power, or prestige, but friends, family, and simple pleasures.

I heard a snippet of something on the radio about Jim Baker and his realization that the majority of folks in prison were there because they got greedy. The drug dealers didn't want to get high, they wanted money for better cars and more things. The embezzlers, the swindlers, the thieves, just wanted more money, more stuff. It's probably safe to say that some of the murderers were motivated by something related to money or things.

Did they ask themselves if it was worth it? Did they stop to think, I'm risking jail time for a nicer car? A bucket of bolts with a shiny new paint job and more horsepower? Really?

As the director of admissions at a nursing home, I get frustrated with family members who are overly concerned with their parents' money. If mom and dad were saving for a rainy day, the nursing home is about as rainy as it gets. Yet, if it's a necessary step to provide adequate health care, what are they going to use the money for anyway? It's their money. No one should cheat their parents out of the care they need just to maintain their inheritance.

People who are addicted to gambling are usually motivated by greed, by the hope that they'll win big and be able to afford everything they've always wanted. The thing is, greed never satisfies. It always wants more than what it has. Is it any wonder we hear all about the movie and sports stars who's lives are falling apart? They want more stuff, but it doesn't make them happy. It doesn't bring the satisfaction or fulfillment they crave.

A better way is to live like the line in the song "Turn up the Music" by Point of Grace: "Have what you want, but want what you have."


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