Positive Detour

Driving toward Indianapolis’ southeast side, there were multiple warnings, via both signage and radio reports, that construction and accident clean-up were ahead of us on I-465. On top of that, the impending rush hour led my husband and me to believe there was a good chance we’d get stuck or at least slowed by an onslaught of traffic.

Even with adequate warning, with no GPS, map, and little Indianapolis driving experience, we had no idea what alternate route we could take to avoid the impending doom that awaited us. Add to that two geographically and directionally challenged individuals, and we really had little choice but to forge ahead.

I wished my sister were with us. She lived in Indy for awhile and seemed to remember every route she’d ever taken to get anywhere. She could have told us exactly which exit to take to lead to the correct road to take us on the shortest route possible.

I wonder how many people continue traveling in the same direction in life because they don’t have the proper tools or resources to find an alternate route.

As a mentor for Soup of Success, a job and life skills training program for women, I’ve seen what a difference some new tools and a few supportive people can provide for people who seem stuck where they are in life. They come out of the program with a life plan, or map, and a better idea of how to get to where they want to go. They also have a team of people in their corner to provide support, encouragement, and direction along the way.

We lucked out on our trip, but some folks don’t get so lucky in life. It’s important to remember that life is full of choices, and we each have been given the ability and power to make choices to drive our lives in the right direction. Whatever we lack to make informed choices can be provided by people around us.

Congratulations to Soup of Success, class of ‘09. I expect great things from you!



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