Love my GPS!

Pre-Mapquest, for those of you who don’t remember, finding an unknown address relied on memory, hastily written notes on a napkin or scrap of paper, or a hand-drawn map never made to scale.

With Mapquest, or Google for you non-traditionalists, you could get step by step directions, and an accurate point by point map. With recent upgrades, you can map out up to 10 locations on one trip. You can avoid certain roads if you know they are under construction, or if you don’t like toll roads.

Even with such fantastic technology, it’s still fallible. Mapquest relies on the information that it receives. It doesn’t always know about new roads or closed roads or flooding or changed street names. Sometimes, for one reason or another, it’s just plain wrong.

I think the success people experience in life is decided largely by the set of directions they go by. Some people don’t have any direction. They just wander through life, letting detours and the influence of others determine where they will go. After all, you can’t get directions on Mapquest if you don’t have a destination.

Even with your printed Mapquest directions, you can still get lost. If you miss your turn, you have to try to find your own way back. If you get caught in some cul-de-sac neighborhood like Field Farms Trail in Elkhart, you may never get out! If you can’t find a road listed on your map, or at least a sign leading to one of those roads, you’re toast. You’re best bet is to call or text someone who knows, or *gulp* ask a stranger for directions.

Life can be like that, too. Even with a goal in mind, and clear directions in hand, you never know what might happen on your trip. There’s still a chance you won’t reach your destination in the same way that you planned, or if you’ll reach it in the amount of time you have.

But with a GPS, boy, wherever you are, there you are, and GPS knows it. Mr. GPS can give you turn-by-turn directions from the exact place on the planet that your molecules exist. If you happen to miss a turn, it’ll give you directions from your new location, still guiding you to the final destination.

I have decided that GPS also stands for God’s Powerful Spirit. Just like a GPS, if you take a few wrong turns along the path of life, if someone gave you bad directions, or if you’re just lost, all you have to do is rely on your GPS, and He will go to you, wherever you are, and get you headed in the right direction. Of course, your GPS doesn’t do any good if it’s stuck in the glovebox. Activate GPS in your life and even if you’re not sure of the path, you know you’ll get to where you’re supposed to be. Deep, huh?


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