It's a Zoo!

As part of our marriage enrichment Sunday School class, we had to take a personality quiz. My husband and I determined that each family member has a different personality.

My husband is creative, people-oriented, enjoys being the center of attention, and is a lot of fun. His personality is also considered Yellow, Expressive, Inspirational, or an Otter.

My son is relaxed, people-oriented, enjoys acceptance, and is slow to act- especially when getting ready for school! His personality is also considered Green, Amiable, Steady, or a Retriever.

My daughter is adventurous, task-oriented, enjoys being in charge, and has a bulldozer mentality- especially with her little brother! Her personality is also considered Red, Driver, Dominant, or a Lion.

I am creative, analytical, task-oriented, enjoy things done right (okay perfect), and tend to have a melancholy outlook on things (although I love a good laugh). I am also considered Blue, Analytical, Cautious, or a Beaver.

It was actually a huge relief to figure this out. No wonder things are so crazy sometimes! The otter is playing around while the lion is stalking the retriever and the beaver is too busy to notice. Now... if we could only find a zookeeper...


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