Chicago Part 2

The Museum of Science and Industry is located at 57th Street and Lakeshore Dr. More information can be obtained at 773-684-9844 or This museum makes science fun with interactive exhibits and demonstrations. Exhibits include exploring a trip to the future, the Toymaker 3000, and the Whispering Gallery. Kids can engage in real science experiments, or learn about their world at the Omnimax theater.

The Field Museum is located at 1400 S. Lakeshore Dr. More information can be obtained at 312-922-9410 or This museum explores history, archaeology, and natural science. Exhibits include Sue, the T-rex fossil, DNA exploration, rock and fossil exhibits, learning about mummies, and the history of chocolate. Self-guided tours are available on the website.

Chicago’s Children’s Museum is located at 700 E. Grand Ave. More information can be obtained at 312-527-1000 or Three floors of interactive exhibits include Play it Safe, Dinosaur Expedition, and Treehouse Trails. Thursday evenings offer free admission.

Adler Planetarium is located at 1300 S. Lakeshore Dr. More information can be obtained at 312-922-STAR or The planetarium features scheduled shows from Big Bird to the outer edges of the solar system. Exhibits include a giant telescope, a computer interactive exhibit, and other hands-on activities to explore the galaxy and beyond.

I missed the deadline, so I didn’t even get to submit my article. I forgot to take into account time zones. So, if anyone needs info on 20 kid-friendly places in Chi-town, I’m your woman.


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